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If that question has stopped you in your tracks, you’re not alone. Many of us plow through our days trying to please others, but have no idea what would please us. Life zooms by while relationships settle into routines, and over time, it seems unrealistic to expect anything more for yourself. After all, what makes you so special?

The simple answer is, you make you special.

You matter!

You deserve to be seen by the world.

You do not have to accept a life in which you feel invisible, muted, or silenced.

I know this can be difficult to believe.

For better and worse, experiences shape our opinions of ourselves. Our responses solidify into patterns that hold us back. Then the questions start to swirl. Why do the same things keep happening in my relationships? Why does no one truly hear me or understand me? How can I break free?

Fear and negative expectations do take on a life of their own. But we can break through those patterns. I know because I’ve done it. And I’m going to help you do it too.

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You will be honored as a unique individual with a powerful story and a valuable essence.

I take great care when making choices and decisions. I enjoy the act of thinking and examining topics at a deeper level. Introspection allows me to think before I act. This ability helps me guide you to delve into issues and discover the insights necessary to make the best possible decisions. I will listen to your concerns with compassion and guide you to view situations in new ways. Through this process, you’ll feel more in control and that your story has value.

Many of my clients return and continue to work with me, even after initial issues are resolved, because they feel deeply understood, valued, and want to continue exploring their true essence.

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You may have noticed an elephant in my logo.

As a symbol, elephants embody patience and sensitivity, intelligence and wisdom, reliability and determination. They see all sides, build harmonious bridges, and objectively settle the disputes of others. In our culture, acknowledging a problem, risk, taboo, or problem that no one wants to discuss—the elephant in the room—requires honesty and authenticity.