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Illuminate your path. Awaken your life.

Through my commitment to lifelong learning, I find that workshops provide an opportunity to work with intention and achieve transformational results.

Workshops offer engagement with others who have a shared experience. In this format, individuals realize they are not alone, as others often share similar problems and struggles. I have seen the power that occurs when one feels heard and understood by another in community.

It is also a great alternative or addition to therapy. Especially if you have limited time and want access to practical steps you can implement now.  The intention is for education, connection, and understanding of your experience.

I hope to foster self-development and connectedness in all of those that attend!

Rates for my workshops are dependent on the workshop offered. I offer half day, all day, and weekend retreats.

Please do not hesitate to inquire about interest in a certain workshop topic.  I am constantly trying to think of new ideas to reach and teach people!

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Evolving Intimacy

Evolving Intimacy: A look at Ennea-type, instinctual biases, and the 5 forms of intimacy

“The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life” - Esther Perel

Join Lyndsey Fraser, LMFT, CST and Valerie Wanamker, LCSW as they help us explore ways to increase our capacity for intimacy. As beings that are wired for belonging and connection, our relationships and the quality of our relationships provides the foundation for safety, joy, and hope in our lives. When we feel deeply connected to those who matter most to us, we have a greater ability to endure and persevere during difficult times, we have more courage to take risks, and we are able to experience greater freedom to truly embrace who we are what we want in life.

Unfortunately, whether we are surrounded by people or living alone, many of us suffer from a great loneliness. It is one thing to be around people, and it is a totally different thing to feel connected to people. One contributing factor to this dilemma is that many of us live within too narrow a definition of intimacy, and then we set expectations and behave in ways that fit the narrow script. Our enneatype and dominant instinct play a major role in the ways that we cut ourselves off from the intimacy that is available to us, and our defense mechanisms are so busy doing their job ‘protecting’ us that we can end up believing false narratives steeped in blame, shame, and powerlessness.

As sex and couples therapists, Lyndsey and Valerie have dedicated their careers to helping couples and individuals get out of self-defeating patterns of dysfunction and disconnection in order to move towards greater intimacy and relational satisfaction. This workshop is aimed to shed light on the ways our enneatype and instinctual bias unintentionally block the 5 forms of intimacy, and offer tools and practices to increase the quality of intimacy in our lives.


  • Learn about the 5 forms of intimacy (physical, emotional, sexual, intellectual, and spiritual)
  • Understand how our enneatype and instinctual bias shows up in our intimate lives
  • Gain insight on how the different types define and experience “connection”
  • Learn how our instinctual bias informs our sexual approach and expectations/needs
  • Learn techniques to get out of our own way and increase our capacity for intimacy

This workshop will be both informative and experiential. It is suitable for couples and singles.

All levels of enneagram knowledge are welcome.

  • Early bird rate of $125 per person before 11/1.
  • After 11/1 $150 per person.
  • Recording available to purchase for $150. Price increases to $180 as of 12/1.