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Illuminate your path. Awaken your life.

Through my commitment to lifelong learning, I find that workshops provide an opportunity to work with intention and achieve transformational results.

Workshops offer engagement with others who have a shared experience. In this format, individuals realize they are not alone, as others often share similar problems and struggles. I have seen the power that occurs when one feels heard and understood by another in community.

It is also a great alternative or addition to therapy. Especially if you have limited time and want access to practical steps you can implement now.  The intention is for education, connection, and understanding of your experience.

I hope to foster self-development and connectedness in all of those that attend!

Rates for my workshops are dependent on the workshop offered. I offer half day, all day, and weekend retreats.

Please do not hesitate to inquire about interest in a certain workshop topic.  I am constantly trying to think of new ideas to reach and teach people!

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